January 24 & 25

This is a brand new photography conference – this was its second gathering in a year. I actually found this conference in Instagram, or should I say it found me. The content posted on Instagram and Facebook seemed outside-the-box, unique and inspiring. I contacted Tyler Boylston, the founder. Tyler told me all about the how and why he put this convention together. He’s got great passion, a solid network and creative knowledge in the wedding and portrait industry. There were only 3 vendors, and over 120 young aspiring creatives. This experience enlightened me to the future of our industry. These photographers were different and successful. Not just successful financially, but personally. The presenters were very motivating, personal and honest. It was more about sharing success and overcoming fear. The connection within the audience was unreal.

Let’s just talk about their featured speaker for a moment… Jeremy Cowart. If you don’t know who he is, I strongly suggest checking his story out here: http://jeremycowart.com/  Jeremy has a very unique story of overcoming all of his fears by trusting his internal gift and sharing it with the world. A photographer can just be a profession, but he makes it a meaningful journey he shares with everyone around him.

I nicknamed this generation of photographers the “hipster photographers”.  The beards were grand, the style sophisticated, and the uniqueness was everywhere. I didn’t know anyone when I arrived, but I left with so many new friends.


Author Lisa Mallis

Lisa is a wife to Rob, and mother of 2 daughters – Carly, 7 & Caitlyn 5. She enjoys live music, kitchen dance parties, martial arts, cooking, singing and playing guitar. She is also a diehard Jacksonville Jaguars fan and just recently gave up her season tickets for annual Disney World passes. Lisa Mallis’ passion for the photographic industry began 18 years ago as a graphic designer at a small service bureau. She’s worked alongside of high volume photographers establishing new sales plans and workflow improvements. Lisa has helped many photographers turn their unique vision into reality by creating marketing materials, web sites, social marketing plans, products and by simply bringing new ideas to life. Lisa’s strength lies in her amazing network of professional photographers & vendors. Her goal is to inspire and motivate photographers to achieve their goals through branding, networking and sales training.

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