February 24-27

I came across this company while at WPPI called The Bare Box (http://thebarebox.com/). Josh Walker (the founder) created a clean, simple print on site system where people can take photos with their smartphones and post to Instagram using a preset hashtag, and out comes a print. The box is clean, and ready for your company branding. It’s basically a self-serve photo booth, and you can also use some of the print real estate for additional advertising. Josh sent us a printer and set up the system for us to take to SYNC and display in our booth. We created a “rock star” backdrop and planned for attendees to be able to snap a selfie, promote Reedy at SYNC via Instagram and get $25 in lab credit. Things don’t always work out as planned. The hot spot sent with the printer wasn’t strong enough to gather enough signal. On the bright side, we still had a cool backdrop and a slick printer box to display along with a few new lab products.



This year we decided to promote e-products. This past November, we started offering Social Media Marketing services to our customers. We have 2 plans to choose from, Basic & Premium. We develop content based on specific customer needs and post to their Facebook & Instagram accounts (if they choose so).

We also created video books… a product which allows photographers to marry stills and video all into one product. Some of the sample books we produced:

  • 4D Ultrasound
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Wedding & Video Recap
  • Santa Experience
  • Youth Sports Marketing Book

We have many more ideas and welcome yours, feel free to comment!

SYNC was a very unique conference. The setting is picture perfect and gives you that vacation vibe. I heard it many times while there “It’s like a vacation with all of your photographer friends!” Darty and his family did a really great job making us feel we were attending “the event of the year”.

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