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By April 26, 2017Marketing

I made this cool infographic explaining the millennial consumer phenomenon. Many industries caught onto this years ago, but I feel like some our photographic community could be a little behind. While industry leaders continue to develop software to try and bridge this gap quickly, revenue is bleeding out quickly. The wedding and portrait industry saw the decline first, when the millennials were getting engaged, married and having babies. Today, their babies are now school aged children. The volume market (sports and school photography) is experiencing both a decline in photo day participation and sales. And this is just the beginning.

Are you connected on Social Media? Does your business have a Facebook? What about Instagram? Snapchat? Do you know what content to post and how to reach your target market?

Do this exercise for a moment. Grab your smart phone, and open your email. How many unread emails do you have? Now open your Facebook/Instagram. How many unread notifications do you have?

The way we communicate is changing… rapidly.


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Lisa is a wife to Rob, and mother of 2 daughters – Carly, 7 & Caitlyn 5. She enjoys live music, kitchen dance parties, martial arts, cooking, singing and playing guitar. She is also a diehard Jacksonville Jaguars fan and just recently gave up her season tickets for annual Disney World passes. Lisa Mallis’ passion for the photographic industry began 18 years ago as a graphic designer at a small service bureau. She’s worked alongside of high volume photographers establishing new sales plans and workflow improvements. Lisa has helped many photographers turn their unique vision into reality by creating marketing materials, web sites, social marketing plans, products and by simply bringing new ideas to life. Lisa’s strength lies in her amazing network of professional photographers & vendors. Her goal is to inspire and motivate photographers to achieve their goals through branding, networking and sales training.

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  • Sam Morrow says:

    I am a good friend of Dave Rowen’s. He helped me get into photography and I’ve worked for him in his sports and dance school programs for many years. My wife Debbe and I had planned to develop a larger photography business after we retired from our careers, but decided against going headlong into a business. However, we still do occasional portrait sessions or a wedding here and there for friends or to help out young newleyweds, and would like to supplement our retirement income without adding a lot of work. I recently took over one of Dave’s dance schools using the same print format he uses. We like the instant gratification of having the prints on the viewing day, but hate the large up front cost, and the destroying of many photos. We probably toss three times more than the people buy. We are thinking about going to computer viewing, still having a viewing day. I understand from Dave and Marty that you layed out a new system at SPAC. I’d like to learn more about that, and get any other advice you might have to help us along. I don’t plan on adding more dance schools, especially if they compete against Dave, Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Thanks, Sam Morrow

    • Lisa Mallis says:

      Hi Sam! Thanks for the comment! Yes, something new and exciting is right around the corner at Reedy Photo, called PhotoDay! Check it out here:

      PhotoDay will certainly increase revenue as well as relieve much of the time, waste and expense spent with the current method used today.

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