The End of Cash

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I think this is a crazy important topic in the world of small business, especially photography.  Ask yourself the following questions:

How do you make your deposits? Through an app, website, ATM or at your local branch?

When you make your deposits, do you withdrawal a cash allowance?

What do you use that cash allowance for? Field trips? Bar tabs? Personal shopping?

What form of money do you use to make most of your everyday purchases? Cash, credit or check?

Do you acknowledge cash earned as a personal bonus, or do you add it to your budget?

Yes folks, the end of cash is upon us.

The fact is, we have to adapt our businesses to this change. Is accepting cash only, hurting your sales? Probably. Are you scared of the change? Maybe.  Does cash mean different things to different demographics? ABSOLUTELY. But I want you to think about your main demographic for a minute. Then I want you to read this article posted on March 31st:

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