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ROES stands for Reedy Order Entry System and is a FREE soft- ware solution that allows you to upload your orders on the internet. ROES provides you an almost unlimited variety of creative printing options. With ROES you can crop images and order a variety of products including Wedding Album Pages, Proofing, Proof Books, Sports Products, Pic a Pac, School, and Underclass Printing.

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Choose From a Large Assortment of Print Sizes

Complete Crop and Rotation Options Are Available
Change the Color and Opacity of Backgrounds

Build Proof Books

It’s PC and Mac Compatible


ImageQuix is our preferred online store vendor of choice at Reedy Photo. Access our same top quality printing and products utilizing IQ. Sign up for a FREE 30 Day trial, and make sure to select Reedy Photo as your preferred photo lab partner.

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Build & Manage Your Online Studio

Online ordering is quick, easy, fun, and more profitable than ever
Smart Workflow – Set up jobs, add images, and launch your sales!
Customers can create custom orders that will automate to Reedy Photo.
Instantly let prepaid customers know when images are online!

Realtime Green Screen Previews
Smart Storage – Every job, on the IQCloud, at every stage
Smarter Price Sheets
Smart Emails
Smart Templates
Smart Discounts


Simplify your capture and pre-production workflow


Flow® is a capture program that gives you the capability to match student images and data. It has a robust layout creator that allows you to build and print different items such as ID cards, proof sheets and order forms. Use the powerful Green Screen tools in Flow® to knockout and apply your own back- grounds. When all of your images and data are matched and packages are entered, you can send your order directly to Reedy Photo.

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Direct communication with IQ Galleries
Instant on-site ID cards and proof sheets
Improved multiple pose workflow
Create a range of financial, student, photographed lists and reports, all exportable to Excel and pdf formats
Ability to directly FTP jobs and orders

Easy Photo Order



Collect orders online, before photo day
Add photos of your packages & products
Add specials and promotions to encourage more sales Let your customer do the data entry for you
Merge orders from photo day with pre-paid online orders with a simple export
Seamlessly deliver data and images to the lab
Be in control of your own data


To set up your Easy Photo Order shopping cart, call us at 800-226-8033.


Collect orders online, before photo day
Add photos of your packages & products
Add specials and promotions to encourage more sales
Seamlessly deliver data and images to the lab
Let your customer do the data entry for you


KC2 gives you the power to edit and better organize images, access multiple lab catalogs, and order through a streamlined, foolproof, WYSIWYG interface.


The world of professional photography has evolved. To resonate with today’s consumers, you need to offer a share/relive/preserve approach. Your clients want digital files to share the great moments that you’ve captured so beautifully. And they need printed items – such as enlargements, albums and photo keepsakes – to relive and preserve their special memories for a lifetime.


To fulfill all these needs, we’re bringing you a streamlined digital + print solution thatempowers everything from editing to ordering, and e-commerce to fulfillment. KODAKPROFESSIONAL Keepsakes Collections & Creations Software/KC2 (KC2 for short) focuseson a “collections” strategy, combining the versatility of digital files with the beauty andlongevity of printed products. It’s an easy, smart, end-to-end system for you and your clients.


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Speed post-shoot workflow with editing and organization tools
Online access to everything in our catalog
No-cost software – pay a fee only when you make a sale
Your own branded, personalized, online storefront where your clients can order
Total flexibility to offer exactly the digital and printed products and keepsake items you want, priced as you like
Ability to share, relive, and preserve important moments