A New Workflow that Works

PhotoDay eliminates the stuff no one likes doing and automates the tasks that take time and cut into your bottom line.

Try Reedy + PhotoDay today. It’s free to sign up.


Set up each job in your Studio Panel with customizable price sheets and offer incentives.


Use our flyers, posters, and other custom templates to make sure parents know how to opt in to picture day.


Sell AdvancePay™ credits before picture day that parents can apply after they see their photos.


Shoot multiple poses to create more photos that your customers can’t resist. Edit, upload and you’re done.


PhotoDay lets parents know when their pictures are ready to view…and we remind them to order until they do.


When an order is placed, the lab prints, packages, and sends it right to the parent’s doorstep.

Try Reedy + PhotoDay today. It’s free to sign up.

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