BallStars are available in a variety of sports and sizes. Your photo and/or design is sublimated directly onto the ball. Baseballs, Softballs and Hockey are regulation size only. Basketballs, Footballs, Soccer balls and Volleyballs are available in mini, mid-size and regulation. *This item is not eligible for air shipments as the cabin pressure will cause it to deflate and damage the photo.

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Service Time

For ROES orders 3-5 days.

5-7 days for Studio Data Entered Full Service Orders

7-10 days for Full Service Orders with Data Entry



Baseball Red Thread
Softball White Thread
Regulation Hockey Puck
Mini 6” Basketball
Mini 6” Football (Double Panel)
Mini 6” Football (Single Panel)
Mini 6” Soccer Ball
Mini 6” Volleyball
Dog Ball (White, could be sold as Lacrosse ball)
Full Size Basketball (Double Panel)
Full Size Basketball (Single Panel)
Full Size Football
Full Size Soccer Ball
Full Size Volleyball

Holiday & Portrait

Baby Block (Light Blue)
Baby Block (Light Pink)
Baby Block (Pearl)
Ornament (Light Blue)
Ornament (Light Pink)
Ornament (Pearl)