Hermosa Album


The Hermosa is far beyond any other peel-n-stick album in style and quality. The Hermosa is made of a very unique cross-hatch material and houses a repositionable 5×7 album in your choice of 5 pages (10 photographs) or 10 pages (20 photographs). The fact that this album is repositionable makes it impossible to mess it up. If you place the photograph on the page and it is not straight or you want to change the photograph at a later date, you can do so without damaging the album or photograph. Albums are available in black or light brown (as shown).

Each box is individually made and assembled by master craftsmen. The tray of the box is made of a fine pine wood sanded until very smooth. The inside base has a hand stitched piece of the cross-hatch material covering it. As you can see by the photos, the cover of the box has a two-tone stitched opening for a 3×7 photograph that just slides in. The handle on the box is hand painted on the edges; the same way the finest designer purses are made.


Additional information

Service Time

3-5 Days



Number of Pages and Prints

5 Pages / 10 Prints
10 Pages / 20 Prints