Specialty Items


Photographic specialty items are created from photographic prints.


Additional information

Service Time

ROES orders 1-2 days, no assembly.
3-5 days if the order contains assembled items
5-7 days for Studio Data Entered Full Service Orders
7-10 days for Full Service Orders with Data Entry


Combo Mate
Magazine Cover
8×10 Calendar
4 Press Printed Double-Sided Tickets
3×5 Plain/ Pro Magnet
3” Plain/ Pro Button
5×7 Calendar Magnet
Slide-in Wallet Bag Tag w/ lanyard
8 Pro Trading Cards
10×30 Big Ticket
(3) Key Tags
Acrylic Wallet Pop-In Key Chain
(12) Book Marks
10×6 Photo Chalkboard
16×10 Photo Chalkboard