Statuettes & Laser Cut Items


The sky is the limit when ordering from our laser cut product line. Our statuettes run a true 10″ in height and are cut from crystal clear acrylic for a premium look. Choose from standard statuettes, or our pro line which includes pre-designed graphic frames & personalization. We can also create holiday ornaments and magnets from our existing designs or create your own.

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5×7 Photo Statuette
5×7 Photo Statuette Metallic
8×10 Photo Statuette
8×10 Photo Statuette Metallic
8×10 Pro Statuette (w/ graphics, name & year)
11×14 Photo Statuette
4×5 Statuette Magnet
4×5 Statuette Key Chain
4×5 Statuette Ornament
4×5 Pro Statuette Magnet
4×5 Pro Statuette Key Chain
4×5 Pro Statuette Ornament
Set of 2 Small Sports Shaped Magnets

More than 1 person, or “complicated” shapes:

Multi-head 5×7 Statuette
Multi-head 8×10 Statuette
Multi-head 11×14 Statuette
Multi-head 5×7 Metallic Statuette