How to prepare Full Service orders

Crop & edit your images using a 5×7 aspect ratio. Make sure to allow ample room on team photos in case your customer is ordering an 8×10.

Do not rename your files. If you used multiple cards at your event, and the image numbers are overlapping, please see page 2 on how to separate your order for processing. It is important that the individuals on the same team are shot on the same camera card. Teams can be shot on another card.

Complete the team slates. This is the data we use for the Team Name, Coach Name, Sponsor Name, Team Image # and any coach or sponsor gifts.

Review your order forms, make sure all text is legible, select the image for each order and write it in the “Image # to Print” box. Make sure there are no package substitutions. Also make sure all order forms used at your event are identical. Write the team # to print on each order form.

Complete the Work Order which can be downloaded from our Customer Resources page and email the completed form to If you plan to mail your order forms, please print a copy of the Work Order and enclose it in the box with your order forms. If you have supplied a CD of images with the box of order forms, then you’re all set. If you plan to upload your edited files, you must send an email to upon completion of the upload with the appropriate work order form.

How to Handle Package Substitutions

In the case where a team photo is not taken, you can replace items in packages with individual items, however, we must be notified in advance. Please make sure to clearly mark the order forms appropriately and also notify us by explaining what to provide on the Work Order, and for which teams.

If you sell a product that does not have a code on the order form, please assign it a code NOT currently in use, and provide the information on the Work Order. i.e. Coffee Mug is #35, or Key Chain is letter Z.

What to do if multiple versions of order forms are used at the same event

If you notice that the order forms have been mixed, but the packages are the same, no action is needed. However, if your packages are different, the order needs to be split and logged as 2 separate orders.

Upload Instructions

You can connect to Reedy’s FTP site with IE6 or FileZilla.

Contact for a username and password, or call our office at 800.226.8033.

We recommend you use an ftp client such as FileZilla rather than Microsoft Internet Explorer, which has very poor ftp capabilities. You may obtain FileZilla for free from

Download the appropriate version for your operating system.

How-to Connect with FileZilla

Launch FileZilla.

Under host, enter The port should be “21”. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields, then click “Quickconnect”.

You can now upload your images. The left window is your computer, and the right window is Reedy’s FTP server. Make sure to group files into a folder and label it clearly so we may match your images with the correct Work Order.